185th Station-Area Citizens Committee

About Us

The 185th Station-Area Citizens Committee is a neighor-led effort to educate and advocate for a complete, compact, and connected community around the future Link light rail station along I-5 at NE 185th Street.  Organized by the residents of the Echo Lake, Meridian Park, and North City neighborhoods, our aim is for an inclusive participation process of all populations in our neighborhoods, with special attention paid to those populations who are historically underserved, to ensure a resident-driven effort.

Vision Statement

"As residents of the future 185th St station area, our vision is to create a vibrant community.  We will engage in education, outreach, advocate a citizen-driven vision of development, and support projects that help bridge the neighborhoods."

Leadership Team

  • Suzanne Wynne, Echo Lake Neighbhood Association Board Member
  • Dale Lydin, Echo Lake Neighborhood Association Board Member


Futurewise is a nonprofit advocacy organization that works across Washington State, from Olympia to local neighborhoods, to save farms and forests, protect shorelines and habitat, and build livable communities. For the 185th Station-Area Citizens Committee, Futurewise helps provide staff capacity and organizational leadership development, and facilitates the door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor outreach. For more information, contact Amy Gore, Futurewise Sustainable Communities Director, at amy@futurewise.org.