185th Station-Area Citizens Committee


Meeting Minutes, March 4

by Renee Laigo

Meeting called to order 7:35 p.m., Shoreline City Hall

  • 1. Patty Hale introduced from Ridgecrest Neighborhood association.  Ridgecrest, Briarcrest, and Parkridge Neighborhood associations considering committee for their station. 
  • 2. Brainstorming/Planning for upcoming April 16th Citizen to Citizen Forum:
    • To be held at Shoreline Center 7:00 pm.   
    • Tasks, by person:
      • Suzanne arranging YMCA for childcare.
      • Dale Lydin offered to make flyer, Miranda will also see if Shoreline City staff also available and If City can print for us.   Most businesses with bulletin boards prefer 8x11 size or half sheets.  Dale would like to laminate a few larger ones to put on fence corners/195th st. overpass etc.  
        • i. Flyers ideally completed by March 22nd
        • ii. Aim to have posted in community by April 1st 
      • Senior services would like flyers
      • Wendy Dipeso will get word out to 32nd Dist. Democrats and Rebublican groups and Shoreline Utilities
      • Gretchen Atkinson will get word to North City Business Association, Aurora Church of Nazarene and Korean Church.  
      • Renee Laigo, will contact other local churches
      • Suzana Guzman will get word to pre-school co-ops using North City school and Shoreline Library
      • Barbara Guthrie will have the task of visiting local coffee shops/grocery stores,Crest Theater as well as be our connection to the Council of Neighborhoods
      • Dale will connect with Shoreline School District and is also asking Jr. Football, NKC Little League, Shorelake Soccer etc to put link about 185th SCC on their web pages.  Dale also suggested connecting c Shoreline Community College. 
      • Our group will be featured in “Shoreline Currents” and we are also mentioned on the City Planning Page.  
      • YMCA, Shoreline Center, Senior Center will also need flyers.  
    • Day of Event:   
      • Four sandwich boards out to direct people to meeting  (Miranda can make signs?)
      • 6:00 Need set up help for chairs
      • Need manned table or 2 to set up for people to sign in & give their STREET ADDRESS
      • Suzanne W. to investigate donations of coffee and if Senior center will allow use of coffee maker.   ELNA has coffee/hot water thermoses available for use, cups from senior center vs compostable cups offered by Miranda.   
      • Suzanne will see if senior center has table skirts for panel tables.
      • Cookies to be donated by Neighborhood  Associations?  Juice for kids?
    • Purpose: Will clarify that purpose of Forum is not to discuss pros and cons (light rail IS coming), but to hear from other citizen groups about their experiences.   It was determined to be expedient to not have a break but to go right into questions when panel participants done presenting.  (Panelists from Northgate, Capitol Hill, Rainier Valley)
  • 3.  Other Business:
    • Dale suggested that assisting 185thSCC with outreach may be good senior project/community service for high schoolers.
    • Futurewise June meeting:  Vision casting, identify goals and projects
    • 185th SCC may want to consider having booth at Solar Fest in July – Wendy investigating cost.
    • Funding Subcommitte report:   Applying for Round 4 grant.  Proposal due March 8th. Thank you Suzanne!
  • 4)  185TH SCC  next meeting April 1st –plan for vision casting.

In attendance:   Jay Sundahl, Dale Lydin, Barbara Guthrie, Marv Lee, Chris Verschyl, Gretchen Atkinson, Susana Guzman,  Suzanne Wynne, Wendy Dipeso, Miranda Redinger, Patty  Hale, Gidget Terpstra, Dennis Terpstra,

Minutes submitted by:  Renee Laigo


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