185th Station-Area Citizens Committee


Meeting Minutes, May 6

by Renee Laigo

Call to order 7:30   by Wendi Dipeso (CoChairs Suzanne Wynne absent and Dale Lydin delayed)

  • Welcome and introduction:
  • Update from City of Shoreline:
  • Comments re: April 16th meeting
  • Equity Grant Stipend
  •  Vision Statement
  • Summer outreach drive

Meeting Adjourned 8:44 pm

Next meeting:  June 3rd, Shoreline City Hall 7:30 pm

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Meet the Committee

Here's a group photo of the 185th Station-Area Citizens Committee from our April meeting!

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Meeting Minutes, March 4

by Renee Laigo

Meeting called to order 7:35 p.m., Shoreline City Hall

  • 1. Patty Hale introduced from Ridgecrest Neighborhood association.  Ridgecrest, Briarcrest, and Parkridge Neighborhood associations considering committee for their station. 
  • 2. Brainstorming/Planning for upcoming April 16th Citizen to Citizen Forum:
  • 3.  Other Business:
  • 4)  185TH SCC  next meeting April 1st –plan for vision casting.

In attendance:   Jay Sundahl, Dale Lydin, Barbara Guthrie, Marv Lee, Chris Verschyl, Gretchen Atkinson, Susana Guzman,  Suzanne Wynne, Wendy Dipeso, Miranda Redinger, Patty  Hale, Gidget Terpstra, Dennis Terpstra,

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Meeting Minutes, February 4

by Renee Laigo


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Working with the Regional Equity Network

by Brock Howell, Futurewise

Across America, we believe in a few basic values like making sure all people have an equal opportunity to success, treating your neighbor like you want to be treated, and making sure the next generation is a little better off.

So when it comes to building a strong community, we know that we're all in this together.

Unfortunately, too few people have a middle-class economic ladder. Across the region, the combined costs of housing and transportation put a tremendous strain on family budgets.

What works is making sure all people can live in places with easy access to jobs, education, and services. But unless cities allow for more housing and job opportunities near affordable and efficient transportation infrastructure like Link light rail, working families will be forced to live farther out, locked in traffic gridlock, and spend their paychecks at the gas pump.

And when people are forced to live farther out in disconnected places with few amenities, it's been shown that they walk and bike less, causing their health to deteriorate with chronic issues like heart disease and obesity. The increased health care costs then put additional burdens on the already strained family budgets.

We can do better for all people. And that's why we're excited about our partnership with the Central Puget Sound Regional Equity Network, or "Equity Network" for short.

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