185th Station-Area Citizens Committee


Meeting Minutes, May 6

by Renee Laigo

Call to order 7:30   by Wendi Dipeso (CoChairs Suzanne Wynne absent and Dale Lydin delayed)

  • Welcome and introduction:
  • Update from City of Shoreline:
    • Wed.  May 22, 2013 6:00 – 8:30  @City Hall  SHORELINE COMMUNITY MEETING!   Sound Transit will explain DEIS coming out in June, will have breakout tables (one from our group please)  ST will announce date for Public Hearing in Shoreline.  Meeting will be videorecorded.   Suggested to Miranda:  Growing Transit Communities might need a table.   Miranda will contact PSRTC
    • Next June 2014 City of Shoreline will have it’s environmental impact statement after ST DEIS released this June and City has a year to plan.  City has hired consultant to assist with planning and Zoning. 
    • ST Board will make decisions in October which alternative plan is preferred
  • Comments re: April 16th meeting:
    • Successful Turnout, helpful, informative
    • Land use attorney or land use developer would be good to have as consultants in future.
    • Thank you letter should be sent to 3 panelists.  (Renee)
    • Most of public wants to know when their house will be taken: public outreach to decrease fear re: property. 
    • ST wants to take as little land as possible.  We can encourage people to be empowered to direct change rather than resist.
    • Speakers were complimentary to our group offered continued support.
    • Sound Transit representative told Dale they were concerned meeting would be ST bashing (it wasn’t) and that meeting was informative to ST on what type of outreach needed on their part.
  • Equity Grant Stipend
    • BUDGET:   We have $1500.00 open stipend to use in parameters of our work
    • No Treasury report generated as of yet, only expense has been childcare for community for April 16th outreach meeting.   Treasurer will begin formal reports for next meeting
    • Committee in general agreement to allow Suzanne to be reimbursed for childcare she paid for in order to prepare grant (administrative cost) in principal up to 10% of budget.   Futurewise representative, Brock, concurs this is within scope as Suzanne’s participation hinges on her ability to get childcare.   Brock will prepare invoice 
    • Wendi would like to spend money on flyers for  22nd District Democrats PCO’s to hand out
    • Miranda stated City of Shoreline will be sending out flyers re: Traffic Studies and Land Use Changes for  145th and 185th St.’s station areas.   Also flyers for residents/property owners ¼ and ½ mile radius.  We can pick up same flyers for our use.
    • Futurewise will also spend $$ for summer outreach for the summer and will have flyers etc. 
  •  Vision Statement:
    • “Citizen driven vision” language --  How do we differentiate from Futurewise as a formal advocacy group?  
    • MOTION:   to accept following as 185thSCC vision statement as follows:
      • “As residents of the future 185th St station area, our vision is to create a vibrant community.  We will engage in education, outreach, advocate a citizen-driven vision of development, and support projects that help bridge the neighborhoods.” 
      • Motion passed c Verbal all in favor, none opposed  
  • Summer outreach drive:
    • Dale proposes to create 2 subcommittee’s
      • 1)  General outreach
      • 2)  Outreach via High School students
        • a. Students are interested
        • b. Need someone to contact school counselors
        • c.  Futurewise can train the students for us
    • Brock:  Futurewise has plans for summer outreach to neighbors:  August forum for visioning exercise and engaging with committee.  Will have a couple interns on board in June and can do regular outreach with printed materials to hand out.  Brock is interested in helping us help our neighborhoods.   How often do we want to volunteer?   He can set up a walk  list, help c training, here for us as often as we want!  We can take survey to start conversation—what are you concerned about?   Date for open house and other community events.  (City has NEW survey software – survey could have a link on it to use software as tool)  
    • We will have a booth at NW Solarfest July 27th.  Need volunteers!  
    • Barbara will volunteer for outreach subcommittee, but can’t lead.  John Behrans agrees to assist once materials developed.  

Meeting Adjourned 8:44 pm

Next meeting:  June 3rd, Shoreline City Hall 7:30 pm

In attendance:   Dale Lydin Co-chair 185SCC; Suzana Guzman, Treasurer; Renee Laigo, Secretary;  Wendy DiPeso, Gretchen Atkinson, Judy Nordaker, Kerri Bradford, Barbara Guthrie, Dennis and Gidget Terpstra, Hope Morgan, Nancy Moreyra-Ballinger Neighborhood Association;  Jay Sundahl, Frank Massaro, Robin McClelland, Rosalie Wu, John Behrens, Miranda Redinger- City of Shoreline; Brock Howell-Futurewise


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Meeting Minutes, May 6

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Meeting Minutes

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