185th Station-Area Citizens Committee


Meeting Minutes, February 4

by Renee Laigo

1) 7: 34 Call to order, Shoreline City Hall

2) Introduction of Brock Howell; Futurewise King County Program Director

  • Futurewise’s vision/hope is to Protect and Save Habitat and Develop Healthy Communities
  • Brock shared how he came to be concerned with these issues and he has also met c Senior 
  • Services and Shoreline Planning meeting.   
  • Futurewise’s contact person for Sound Transit Corridor Outreach is Rachel Smith.
  • Futurewise works with Land Use and City Planning at the regional and county level.   Notes that the Growth Management Act is not comprehensive.   Futurewise also works with Puget Sound Regional Council to assist with ensuring that all income levels have access to transit. 
  • In his role Brock desires to:
    • Develop leadership
    • Strategize planning and have influence with council members
    • Support neighbor to neighbor outreach to engage community
    • He will have summer interns
    • Plans workshop in summer to organize folks met door to door and help set priorities
  • He notes typical stakeholders in community are:  Businesses, Faith Based Organizations; Schools, Labor
  • Miranda (City of Shoreline City Planner) notes Shoreline has consultant who will identify stakeholders
  • Suzanne Wynne (185SCC chair) notes that our Citizens Committee has support from the City.  
  • Dale Lydin comments that Youth Sports Leagues are looking to our group for leadership

3) 185th Station Environmental Impact Statement set for May/June release. 

  • There will be a 90 day period for citizen comments.   
  • The Puget Sound Regional Council Corridor Task Force has goal that housing would be affordable to 60% of regional population
  • City of Shoreline is looking at zoning and development 

4) April 16th Community Forum re: community organizing lessons, will have speakers from other stations.   

  • Dale working on panel participants from Rainier Valley, Capital Hill and Roosevelt Station, possibly Northgate station. 
  • Shoreline Conf. Center potential venue – audiovisual support would be available
  • Miranda will check if there are monies available to video.  

5) Citizen-driven vision of Development

  • Need nucleus of principal vision so united message door to door
  • Our group should identify 1-2 projects
  • City is hosting an Early May meeting, there will be a mailer, study area boundaries etc. to be discussed. 

6) Housekeeping

  • Motion to approve Committee member Susana Guzman as Treasurer, seconded
    • Passed with no opposition
  • Motion to approve Renee Laigo as Secretary for meeting minutes, seconded
    • Passed none opposed
  • Need to establish Neighborhood Outreach Coordinators:   Wendi suggests precinct committee officers from Democrats and Republicans good resource.   Walking tours also have potential. 
  • We Have a Website!  Thanks to Futurewise giving us a link:  http://be.futurewise.org/content_item/Shoreline185
  • Next meeting Monday March 4th 7:30 pm  Shoreline City Hall Rm 303
  • Plan to clarify roles, vision, advertising

Meeting notes submitted by Renee Laigo.


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