145th Station-Area Citizens Committee


Profile of the 145th Station-Area

Data is from the Existing Conditions Report from the Growing Transit Communities Partnership. The "station-area" is defined as the area within a half-mile radius from the future Link light rail station along I-5 at NE 145th Street. 

Land Use

  • 1,884 housing units
  • 744 job units

Housing & Affordability

  • 50% of households are owner occupied adn 50% are renter occupied.
  • 62% of housing is single family residential; approx 28% is multi-family residential; and approx 10% is senior housing.
  • 48% of the households are moderately to severely “housing cost-burdened.”
  • Nearly no housing units are affordable to families in households with an income 0 to 50% of area median income (AMI).
  • Very few subsidized housing units.
  • Average Home Sale Price in 2011 was $235,182


  • Population is 4,131 
  • 36% of the residents are minorities.

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