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A Letter from Hilary
By Hilary Franz, Executive Director
As 2015 comes to a close and we mark the end of our 25th Anniversary, I am so excited about what Futurewise has been able to accomplish with the support of the Washington community. I couldn’t be more proud of how we are wrapping up our 25th Anniversary in this beautiful state. We’ve had wins across our programs and across Washington. Read on >>

Reframing the Climate Resilience Conversation: Futurewise's Climate Equity Atlas
By Lexi Brewer, Sustainable Communities Manager
This year, 2015, is shaping up to be a landmark year for action on climate change. Locally, King County released ambitious new reduction targets just last week, and the City of Tacoma is in the process of drafting a climate resilience strategy. Futurewise is developing a Climate Equity Atlas to help conversations around Climate Justice as our state moves towards specific actions to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. Read on >>

Q&A with James Balog
By Jack Siddoway, Development Coordinator

On October 28th, Futurewise had the privilege of welcoming renowned photographer, James Balog, to the EMP Museum for a multimedia presentation on his experience photographing the dynamic intersection between humanity and the environment. For 35 years, photographer James Balog has broken new conceptual and artistic ground on one of the most important issues of our era: human modification of our planet’s natural systems. Read on >>

Over a Year Later, What if Anything Has Been Done to Prevent the Next Oso?
By Tim Trohimovich, Director of Planning & Law 

Little progress to prevent another Oso has been made in the over year and half since the tragedy. Few counties have updated their regulations to protect people and property from landsides. The one county that has updated its landslide regulations, Snohomish County --the County where Oso occurred – went in the opposite direction of what would be expected by reducing landslide protections that could prevent another Oso. Read on >>

What is Needed to Protect Agriculture in Pierce County
By Amy Moreno-Sills, Pierce County Coordinator

Pierce County’s thriving agricultural sector is threatened by the loss of farmland. At the landscape level, its climate and soil present ideal conditions for successful agriculture, as well as its proximity to urban centers. Unfortunately, its proximity to urban centers and a fast growing central Puget Sound present its greatest threat. Pierce County’s rapidly growing areas are its farmlands’ friend and foe. Read on >>

Getting 8th Graders Excited About Their Local Groundwater
By Jeanette Ordoñez, Community Outreach & Education
When looking for solutions to today’s problems we can find great inspiration and innovation in the minds of today’s youth. The cities of Auburn and Algona in South King County are partially underlain by a groundwater contamination plume that stems from the Boeing Auburn Fabrication Plant. We are working with the community, including the youth, to communicate and engage them in the cleanup process. Read on >>

How We Can Get Seattle Moving
By Hilary Franz, Executive Director and Bryce Yadon, State Policy Director

Like many urban areas that experienced dramatic growth after World War II, Seattle grew up around the car. Now roadway traffic presents the city with its biggest headache – congested roads which create problems in terms of economic growth, social equity, and quality of life, not to mention the environment in terms of its contributions to climate change. With the population expected to grow by another 120,000 by 2035, congestion and its negative impacts are only going to get worse. Read on >>

Futurewise Welcomes New Staff and Board Members

Over the last few months, Futurewise has had the pleasure of welcoming two new Board members and three new staff members. We have the great fortune of continuing to attract great talent, and a wide variety of expertise and experience to our organization. Please familiarize yourself with our new Board members and staff by reading the following brief summaries of their backgrounds and interests. Read on >>

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